Zakhm is an electronica DJ who hails from the legendary MUTINY movement that pioneered the Asian Underground sound in the United States. He has performed with numerous world-renowned artists at premiere venues around the globe. Zakhm continues to break new ground with immersive, genre-bending DJ sets that are ever-evolving, showcasing the best in global electronica from established and emerging artists. Listen to Zakhm's latest mix, see him in action or connect up to collaborate.

Residencies and crews

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    Zakhm began his DJ career in 2000 at MUTINY, the premier South Asian electronica event in the United States. He was a resident DJ alongside DJ Rekha, Siraiki, Navdeep and Anju and as a crew they became a force of their own on the New York City scene, delivering a hard-driving mix of South Asian classical, folk, and film music with drum n' bass, jungle, hip-hop and dub. At MUTINY Zakhm also performed alongside numerous all-star guests such as Talvin Singh, Asian Dub Foundation, DJ Spooky, Ges-E of The Nasha Experience, State of Bengal, Ming + FS and many more.

  • Kollektiv

    Zakhm first performed at Kollektiv in 2003 as a guest DJ at the weekly events hosted by Karsh Kale and Derek Beres at Kush in New York's Lower East Side. In 2005 he became a cornerstone member of the crew, curating and performing at events in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, D.C. and San Diego with Karsh Kale, Radiohiro, DimmSummer, DK, Vishal Kanwar and DJ Warp. The Kollektiv crew also hosted numerous special guests, such as Sub Swara, Dub Gabriel, DJ Rekha, State of Bengal, Luke Vibert and many more.


    In 2007 Zakhm curated a series of events entitled DIALECT to capture the inspiration of his extensive global travels. Aiming to paint his particular brand of South Asian electronica simply as a dialect of the broader electronica soundscape, Zakhm brought together artists such as Nickodemus, Navdeep, DD Pesh, James Friedman and VJ Full Stealth to interpret this concept alongside long-time collaborator Karsh Kale. DIALECT culminated in a live event on the Knitting Factory main stage, showcasing a high-energy, interactive audio-visual performance featuring Zakhm, Karsh Kale, Shaa'ir + Func, Rajeev Maddela and VJ Full Stealth.

Mixes and releases

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Zakhm has performed with

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Karsh Kale Zakhm has performed with Karsh Kale numerous times, most notably at Kollektiv events, on the Asian Massive Tour, and at MUTINY, as well as at Joe's Pub, Burning Man, and the Bowery Ballroom / Midival Punditz On the Asian Massive Tour and at Asian Massive events around the globe / Talvin Singh At MUTINY and the Knitting Factory / Nitin Sawhney In New York, November 2003 / Shaa'ir + Func At Raj:Reload in London, the MUTINY ten-year anniversary, and DIALECT / Sub Swara At the Sullivan Room and Kollektiv / DJ Rekha At MUTINY and Kollektiv / DJ Spooky At MUTINY and the Knitting Factory / Cheb i Sabbah On the Asian Massive Tour, at the Knitting Factory, and at Burning Man / State of Bengal At MUTINY, April 2000 / Nickodemus At DIALECT, April 2007 / Dub Gabriel Curated a series of events together in 2004 and 2005 and at Kollektiv / Shiva Soundsystem At Raj:Reload and the Swaraj five-year anniversary / Makyo At UNIT in Tokyo, New Years Eve 2006 / Navdeep At MUTINY and DIALECT, and in Houston, Texas

Zakhm has performed at

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Blue Frog (Mumbai) Headline Act, September 2008 / Burning Man At Hookahdome in 2008 and with Karsh Kale in 2005 / Knitting Factory (NYC) With Talvin Singh, Cheb i Sabbah and DIALECT Live / Joe's Pub (NYC) With Karsh Kale and Realize Live / UNIT (Tokyo) With Makyo, New Years Eve 2006 / Webster Hall (NYC) With The New Deal, Keoki and Ming + FS, July 2003 / 1015 Folsom (San Francisco) At Worldly in 2005 and with Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Cheb i Sabbah and Radiohiro in 2008 / Southbank Centre (London) At Raj:Reload, April 2010 / PEX Summer Festival At Meso Creso, July 2010